Practically Perfect

Practically Perfect is a new non-proft consumer brand that creates markets for grade 2 produce, offsetting lost revenue for local farmers.  We helped launch the brand with a new identity design, packaging, signage, POPs and other collateral materials.


Practically Perfect brand logo in stamp style in green centered on a white background

Companion Characters

Practically Perfect brand rack card and cartoon character pepper and tomato holding hands and dancing

In-store Signs

Practically Perfect brand signs for buy three get one free offerPractically Perfect brand in-store signs identifying locally grown vegetablesPractically Perfect brand signs for pricing shown above produce section

Packaging Labels

Practically Perfect brand sticker on yellow squashPractically Perfect brand labels for packages of vegetables


Practically Perfect brand new farmer brochure on a gray background

Branding Toolkit

Practically Perfect brand guidelines pages showing how to properly use the logoPractically Perfect brand guidelines pages showing their color palette and pepper and tomato characters and product labelsPractically Perfect brand guidelines pages showing a variety of in-store signs


Practically Perfect brand stamp logo centered on a green hat and white circular stickerPractically Perfect brand stamp logo centered on a green and gray shirts