Bunn House Hotel

Bunn House Hotel is a boutique hotel committed to delighting each and every guest by providing thoughtful, invisible service amid a backdrop of refined elegance and timeless design. 828 created the logo and identity design, website design, signs and print design.


Bunn House Boutique Hotel logo in gray centered on white background


Bunn House Boutique Hotel stationery on natural paper and gray logo centered on letterhead and business card, Envelope.


2020 Macbook pro laptop in silver.

Pint Glass

Pint glass with Bunn House Boutique hotel logo has golden beer glowing in warm light waits to be drank, and a cheese board with cheese and fruit waits to be eaten.


Bunn House sign carved from stone and property in background

Yeti Mug

Bunn House Boutique Hotel White Yeti mug with gold logo

Guest Booklet

Bunn House Boutique Hotel guest book cover.  on natural paper and opening spread showing the house and an area map.