Lever Gear

Lever Gear designs multi-functional tools that are easy to carry and built to last. We designed their logo and identity, website, and product packaging.


Lever Gear logo in white and red against a textured black backgroundLever Gear logo shown in three color ways: White logo with gray background, block logo on white background, and white logo on red background.

Companion Mark

Lever Gear leverage mark with triangle and line shown in a variety of color-ways including white logo on gray, red background


Lever Gear stationery on white paper shown on a light gray background


Lever Gear tool card packaging sleeve/envelope in thick black paper and logo printed in white.A stack of Lever Gear Tool Card packaging sleeves/envelopes in thick black paper and logo printed in white.Lever Gear packaging sleeve/envelope shown with information brochure unfolded, showing technical specifications and features of Tool Card.


2020 Macbook pro laptop in silver.