Website Estimate Questionnaire

Your website can have a number of variables and features. We work hard to understand your expectations to determine the scope of the project, and the amount of time involved to implement it.

What is your desired launch date?

Do you have a budget range ?

Have you or your team worked on a website design/launch before?

(If yes, briefly describe your involvement.)

Are you replacing an existing website, or have you purchased your domain name?

(If yes, please enter your url below)

Do you have hosting for your website?

(if yes, who is your hosting provider?)

Do you have an outline for the site?

(If yes, please list the page outline of your site below, or email the outline to us as a separate document. Our estimate will be based on your site outline, with the knowledge that structure may need to change throughout the process. The estimate will be updated if the project scope increases or decreases.)
I need these pages:

Do you have an existing G-suite, Google My Business, or Google Cloud account?

(A google account will be helpful if the following are needed:)
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ad Words
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Maps
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Reviews
  • Google Recaptcha (spam filtering)

What percentage of your website’s content is complete?

I need content help with:

What types of website functionality do you need?

(A website can be a powerful tool, helping you to promote your business, automate tasks, or to enhance your viewers' user-experience. A site that's robust with functionality will have more design/development hours. The more we understand about your expectations, the better our estimate will reflect the final cost. All of our sites include the items listed in the Basic Brochure website column.)
Basic Brochure websites include the following:
  • Custom responsive design that's tested on desktop, tablet, and phone orientations
  • Design that maintains your brand guidelines
  • Site and page structure that facilitates common user-paths (based on site outline and supplied content)
  • Design of homepage + 3 unique subpage layouts
  • 404 error page
  • 301 redirects for a website that's replacing an existing website
  • Basic page links and external links + menus
  • One complex form that submits to email addresses only
  • Implementation of SSL certificate
  • Integration of google analytics, maps, and form recaptcha
  • Placement of all supplied content before launch
  • Image optimization and proper file naming for SEO
  • Organic SEO populated for page titles, page url names (slug), title tags, page meta descriptions, and open graph settings for social media sharing.
(The above items are included in the base estimate. Items can be removed if needed. E.g. if you only need a splash page, have a smaller budget, etc.)
Additional website functions:
(The items above are not included in the base estimate. These items are the most commonly requested but there are numerous other website functions available.)

What are your expectations for the content management system?

(Listed in order of complexity. Any of the options listed below can be upgraded to add more control if/when needed.)

Do you have a content management platform preference?

(Our websites are designed using Webflow. Webflow has a native CMS or the design can be integrated with another platform.)

This should do it! We'll continue to ask questions throughout the process of designing your website, but your answers here will help us provide you with a solid estimate. Thanks!

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